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11.03.2010 13:56
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New partnership between CGS and Océ

CGS Publishing Technologies International to become worldwide Preferred Solution Partner

Océ, an international leader in digital document management and delivery, and CGS Publishing Technologies International, a global leader of color management solutions, digital proofing systems and specially formulated media, today announce a preferred solution partnership between both companies.

Solution partnership offers 4D color management in hybrid environments

This solution partnership enables Océ to offer even more comprehensive solutions for the quality-driven Graphic Arts market, particularly in hybrid environments, where digital and traditional presses have to complement each other and produce identical results. Especially for customers moving from traditional to digital printing or using both processes, high-quality and consistent color is absolutely essential. This enhanced solution offering, incorporating CGS’ unique award-winning 4D color management technology, thus paves the way for customers to start a migration process from traditional to digital printing.

Traditional printing environments complemented by digital devices

Digital color printing will continue to grow significantly in the coming years. Thus, software tools that safeguard standardized color output across multiple devices will increasingly be a key factor of the workflow management in hybrid printing environments that comprise traditional as well as digital equipment. “We are happy to cooperate with partners who can build on extensive know-how in color management and traditional printing environments, long-term experience and who enjoy a very good reputation in this particular market”, says Crit Driessen, Vice President Marketing and Strategy, Océ Production Printing. “CGS offers solutions that will help our customers to smoothly extend and complement their traditional printing environment by digital devices without making compromises in output color standards. Our companies and, most important, our customers, will benefit from this partnership.”

Seamless integration with Océ’s digital color technology

Trevor Haworth, CEO of CGS Publishing Technologies International, adds: “We are excited to team up with such a dominant player in the market of digital printing. The ORIS technology seamlessly integrates with the wide range of Océ’s digital color production systems, significantly enhancing color output quality and repeatability. After CGS has recently received the 2009 PIA InterTechTM Technology Award for ORIS Press Matcher, this partnership is again proof of our ongoing commitment to the digital printing industry.”

Within this partnership Océ will extend its software and workflow solutions with several products out of CGS’ ORIS portfolio. The major focus will be on specific color management and color proofing solutions together with the necessary tools for quick and easy calibration and verification. The customer will benefit by getting highly professional integrated solutions for their needs out of one hand. The solution partnership is valid worldwide.

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