The end of the popular payment application Google Pay, it will be replaced by Google Wallet

The end of the popular payment application Google Pay, it will be replaced by Google Wallet

Recently, Google made the decision to simply discontinue the Google Pay application. This has become completely unappealing for many users around the world. But don't worry. Google... More
Defunct Spotify Car Thing Goes Open Source

Defunct Spotify Car Thing Goes Open Source

The published documents show that Spotify Car Thing is based on a modified open source version of the Linux operating system. The hardware, however, is based on the platform... More
Photo: Amadej Hercog and Robi Valenti

The motoring spectacle in Logatec exceeded all expectations

Last Saturday, the real New Limits motoring attraction, which is known for its unique approach to motor sports, took place in Logatec. More
Photo: Realme

Will we be able to fully charge our phones in just 5 minutes?

Realme will introduce the advanced battery charging technology to the public in the next few months. This is SuperVOOC charging technology, which at full load can... More

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Spicy debate between Musk and WhatsApp boss

WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart has dismissed Elon Musk's claims that the popular messaging app is "exporting your user data every night." Cathcart is right on Xu… More

Google has confirmed that the leaked documents about the operation of the Search Engine are real

For some time after the disclosure, Google initially declined to comment on the authenticity of a collection of 2,500 leaked internal documents detailing data that... More

What is Revolut? What does it offer? What are the pros and cons?

We will not get into which bank is the best, or whether Revolut is better than Slovenian banks. The intention is not to denigrate one or the other, but to point out the strengths that might benefit… More

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Discord is going back to its roots

Discord wants to bring its app back to gaming, and that's what they're going to do with a concrete overhaul of the app. The new look includes redesigned group messages,… More

How to keep your home safe while on vacation?

You spread out your towel, put on sunscreen, and before you had a chance to turn off your brain and think about your job and life's problems, you panicked whether you... More

How to use ChatGPT to plan a vacation?

How do you plan your annual vacation with friends or family? With countless tabs in Google and a Word document full of ideas, approximate prices, possible destinations? That's fine, you can... More

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The new Xiaomi e-ski is already in Slovenia

The company Xiaomi is putting a series of electric scooters as a bet. Their latest model Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Pro (2nd Gen) is still one step ahead of the competition. First of all, it can be pointed out that... More

A prestigious electric bike for the rich

The Caviar Herzog Porsche eBike Cross 3rd Gen electric bike is built on the basis of a carbon fiber frame. Prestige was ensured with 18-carat gold and a system that ensures... More

Tesla abandons several projects

Tesla's ambitious plans to manufacture the chassis of its vehicles in a single piece, a process known as "gigacasting," has been put on hold, according to Reuters. This... More

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5 things to look out for when buying a Samsung Galaxy phone

Everyone's needs and wants are different, and to help you buy your next Samsung, we've compiled an overview of five things you should pay attention to when... More

How to secure passwords?

According to the latest research, the average user has more than 100 passwords or 100 different accounts. It is impossible to remember the correct password and username for each account. ... More

Huawei Pura 70 Pro Test - Google can be used without the feudal lord's knowledge

I tested the latest Huawei Pura 70 Pro. I delved into how to get to Google apps, how the new Kirin chip works, what's new in EMUI 14, how the cameras work and more... More

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What did Sony present at May's State of Play?

For the third time this year, we were able to sit down at the computer and monitor what we will be able to play on the PS5 and PSVR2 VR glasses. More

Zotac hinted at the presentation of a handheld OLED computer

Another famous name has embarked on the path of making a PC gaming handheld. We were recently treated to an image of the Zotac Zone computer with a 7-inch screen on X... More

The Witcher 4 will not fully follow the example of its predecessors

They are staying true to the RPG genre that has brought them so much success so far, but they will still be experimenting with some new features to keep the game fresh for new and... More