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10.08.2010 09:52
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Your ideas make Sygic Aura Drive the navigation app all users will love

Sygic Aura Drive
Sygic Aura Drive

Sygic encourages users to become part of Sygic Aura development family and to engage in a discussion on where the company’s navigation software development should be heading. The main objective is to hear users’ opinion on features and improvements in order to develop the navigation app best suited to their needs and wishes.

At Sygic Aura Forum anybody can express his/her opinion. Users can suggest new features, regional releases and other ideas in an open web forum and vote on them to prioritize. They can vote on ideas already present, or contribute with their own, while every idea entered is open for being voted for by other people. There is no need to register. Everybody who joins can see the status of their suggestions, votes they’ve given already, as well as discuss with Sygic about what is going on. Additionally, users that provide their e-mail will be automatically notified when their idea is taken into review, or is accepted to be implemented.

We have always listened to our customers through different channels like App Store reviews, Facebook and Twitter and e-mails we have received. We appreciate all the feedback, as it has lead to many great improvements and interesting product features implemented over the time. This new forum-based communication tool on our website will ensure that we learn what is that our users want the most. It also allows us to follow the rating of the ideas for development in an organized and still publicly accessible way – this way everybody can see what is happening and contribute to it. We take all suggestions seriously into consideration. Of course, serious consideration takes a lot of time and planning. So bear with us: we’re listening to you and working on making the ideas true for you,“ says Anna Hurbanic, Sygic PR Manager.

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